• Ikkyu (1 kyu)

    Brown belt with three black stripes on each end with a separation between them.

    What you may learn as an Ikkyu

    An Ikkyu student should develop increased proficiency in accuracy, power, concentration, awareness, inner control, calmness, and partner control in order to earn an invitation for the shodan first degree black belt test before the authorized testing board.

    The student becomes eligible for consideration by the board following his/her 80th Ikkyu class, but not before 350 total classes. Additionally there is a minimum time requirement of two years to be eligible for shodan testing.

    The shodan and all higher rank testing are available to students only by invitation from the board. It is im­proper to ask to take a shodan test. The test consists of the following minimum material: Sanchin, Seisan, Seisan bunkai, selected technique exercises, dan kumite, Sankyu kumite, kotikite, general knowledge, and free spar­ring. Other known material may be included at the option of the testing board. Consult the advanced study guides (under development) for additional information regarding shodan and higher rank testing. Students pro­moted to shodan will receive a world recognized, registered diploma. Their wall rank slats will be permanently placed on the dojo wall in the black belt (dan) rank section.

    Black belts are invited to practice in closed classes, seminars, and social events restricted solely to black belt holders of NAUKA. Requirements for higher ranks of black belt are the same as for shodan except the kata is different and proficiency requirements are increased. The kata Seiryu is practiced at shodan, the kata kanshin is practiced at nidan, and the kata Sanseiryu is practiced at sandan level. Minimum time between grades is 2 years up to the rank of yondan, 3 years to godan, and 5 years to rokudan. Consult advanced study guides for further information.