• Sichikyu (7 kyu)

    Represented by three green stripes on each end of the white belt, with a separation from the other green stripes.

    What You May Learn As A Sichikyu

    A Sichikyu student may learn the following new exercises:
    Kanshu (a kata)
    • Kumite #1 (a pre-arranged fighting exercise performed with a partner)
    • Basic multiple blocking and counter-attacking (slow motion arm and leg techniques)

    At or after the student’s 37th class, but not before 10 Sichikyu classes, the student should ask for a review of performance.

    Promotion Awarded Is: Rokukyu (6 kyu)

    Represented by a green bar on each end of the white belt. This is accomplished by filling the spaces between the three Sichikyu stripes with green tape.