Core Training

Core training through our school

As presented by our Senior Sensei, Dr. Everett Crisman, he tells about our particular form of training.

“We are proud to offer this authentic CORE training method, developed many centuries ago in China and passed on unbroken for one hundred years, by the highly venerated Okinawian Uechi family.

The Uechi-Ryu training is design to develop and maintain maximum power throughout the life of any practitioner, of any age, male or female. The practice is based upon building strength outward from the core; the psoaz , the pariformis muscles and the mesentery fascia through gradually strengthening those groups by intelligent, subtle training that will avoid the debilitating injuries frequently incurred in more aggressive practices. Training of this kind is always done with “partners”, never with “opponents”.

Increased power, endurance, agility and flexibility are the results you should anticipate if your practice is consistent. Too many karate students curtail their practice as they age because of poorly designed programs that try to emulate Hollywood style martial art movements that ignore core development in favor of flashy and relatively useless techniques. We expect our practitioners to maintain their strength, health and power as long as they live.”

Dr. E. E. Crisman