Rank Sequence

  • Rank Sequence dan

    The following are degrees (dan) of black belt. The numbering system is in normal sequence.

    1. Shodan

    2. Nidan

    3. Sandan

    4. Yondan

    5. Godan

    6. Rokudan

    7. Nanadan

    8. Hachidan

    9. Kudan

    10. Judan

    The following Master titles are awarded on application by black belt holders of the indicated levels: Renshi master level occurs within black belt rank of Rokudan.

    Kyoshi master levels occur within Nanadan and Hachidan.

    Hanshi master levels occur within Kudan and Judan.

    Hanshi-sei is held by the grand master.

    The following kata compromise the eight forms of UECHI-RYU. Since they are of Japanese origin, they are romanized for ease of accurate pronunciation in the English language.

    1. Sanchin*

    2. Kanshiwa

    3. Kanshu

    4. Seichin

    5. Seisan*

    6. Seiryu

    7. Kanchin

    8. Sanseiryu*

    *These kata are the three original ones learned by Master Kanbun Uechi in China in the early 1900’s