Students are strictly prohibited from practicing karate material in a higher rank level. Students found in violation risk expulsion from the school.

    If a student lacks confidence to request a test, he/she should seek advice from any black belt. Rest assured that with adequate performance we will eventually encourage the test.

    Kyu ranks must be displayed by the students according to accepted procedures, i.e. appropriate belt (manda­tory).

    It should be noted that karate training may include much more material than is included in the above tests. This extra material is supplementary and will not generally be tested. Test boards reserve the right to override this general rule.

    Students who do not pass their tests are encouraged to practice their corrections sufficiently to insure pass­ing on retest. This may require some time before the next test attempt. Seek a black belt’s help for clarification of your abilities and for encouragement to try again.

    Black Belt tests are strictly by invitation only. DO NOT ASK to be tested for these ranks.