• kyu-Jukyu (10)

    Represented by the white belt.

    New students are automatically white belts on enrollment. They are permitted to join the warming up exercises at the beginning of each class, after which they receive individual instruction in the first exercise of UECHI-RYU, the active meditation exercise Sanchin.

    Since Sanchin is the core exercise of UECHI-RYU upon which all advanced movements are built, emphasis is placed on repetitious practice of individual movements. The new student should be prepared to concentrate on this initial aspect in his/her training and to practice faithfully and patiently the repetitions assigned. When the student has memorized and can perform Sanchin with reasonable accuracy, no hesitations, and no instructor help, he/she will be promoted to Kyukyu by the instructor. The test is commonly given at the fourth class.

    Classes 1 through 4, followed by a test for Kyukyu.

    Promotion Awarded Is: Kyukyu (9 kyu)

    Represented by one green stripe on each end of the white belt.