• Kyukyu (9 kyu)

    Represented by one green stripe on each end of the white belt.

    What You May Learn As A Kyukyu

    A Kyukyu student may learn the following exercises:
    • Kotikite (forearm and leg conditioning/balance strengthening)
    • Kanshiwa [a kata (partnerless dance-like combination of self-defense moves)]
    • Kyu kumite (a pre-arranged fight - first 3 parts only) Technique exercises.

    At or after the student’s 12th class, but not before 6 kyukyu classes, the stu­dent should request a review of performance (test) from any black belt.

    Promotion awarded is: Hachikyu (8 kyu)

    Represented by two green stripes on each end of the white belt, with a separation between green stripes.