• Yonkyu (4 kyu)

    Represented by the green belt with one brown stripe on each end.

    What you may learn as a Yonkyu.
    A Yonkyu student may practice:
    • Dan kumite (an advanced black belt level prearranged fighting exercise)
    • Moderately intense free sparring (medium power and speed)
    • Performance in all material already learned should be noticeably improving.

    The test for Sankyu may consist of any or all material learned to date. At or after the student’s 100th class, but not before 20 Yonkyu classes, the student should ask for a review of performance. Following the same general review procedures as indicated previously, and upon recommendation, the student may request a formal test for Sankyu.

    Promotion awarded is: Sankyu (3 kyu)

    Brown belt with one black stripe on each end.