• Promotion Awarded Is: Rokukyu (6 kyu)

    Represented by a green bar on each end of the white belt. This is accomplished by filling the spaces between the three Sichikyu stripes with green tape.

    What You May Learn As A Rokukyu

    A Rokukyu student may learn the following new exercises:
    Kanshu bunkai (an applications exercise of the kata Kanshu performed with a partner)
    • Dynamic multiple blocking and counter-attacking (increased performance pace)

    At or after the student’s 50th class, but not before 10 Rokukyu classes, the student should ask for a review of performance from any black belt.

    The test for Gokyu represents the student’s first exposure to formal testing before an audience consisting of members of the class. At the student’s 50th class he/she should seek the review of a black belt (all black belts are qualified to give these reviews). The student will either (1) be recommended for testing or (2) be given correc­tions and a practice assignment. At a future class the student will demonstrate the corrections to the same black belt. If the corrections were made the black belt will recommend the student for formal testing. Once a reviewer is selected, the student is required to complete the review with that black belt.

    The test, which consists of any previous material learned to date, performed at an adequate level of confidence and accuracy, is administered by a minimum of two (2) black belts.

    Students who receive their promotions to Gokyu will have their names placed on the dojo wall ranking system. The placement is temporary for rankings below black belt and will be removed if the student suspends training for more than six months. (Black belt awards are permanent and senior side of the wall ranking system reflects all black belt holders affiliated with the Providence dojo who have been promoted since the year 1966.)

    PROMOTION AWARDED IS: Gokyu (5 kyu)

    Solid green belt.